What does Focus on the Family ME do?

Focus on the Family Middle East exists to promote and strengthen Godly family values and principles throughout the Middle East. We recognize the family as the basic unit of society. Therefore its well-being is essential to achieve the security, health, stability, and prosperity of nations.

Our purpose is to help families thrive through offering resources that promote a healthy development among its members within the context of the home, church, educational institutions, and community organizations in which they interact.


Where is Focus on the Family ME located?

Focus on the Family ME’s Regional Office is located in Cairo, Egypt. For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact us.


What’s the relationship between Eagles Group and Focus on the Family ME?

Eagles Group is a Publishing Company that began in 1990 with the aim of serving the community at large with its publications. In 2001, an associate-office relationship was established between Eagles Group and Focus on the Family, thereby making us the Focus on the Family Middle East office. This unique associate office relationship grants us the right to utilize the thousands of print and multimedia resources produced by Focus on the Family, in accordance with the needs of families in the ME.


How do I purchase a resource?

Many of our resources are available in local Christian bookstores throughout the Middle East. Please contact our Cairo Regional Office for the name and location of the bookstore closest to you.

You are also welcome to visit our Cairo Regional Office to view all the resources we have available. Please contact us to schedule a visit.


What are your working hours at Focus on the Family Middle East?

Our working days are Monday-Thursday and Saturday from 9am-5pm Cairo local time.

To schedule a visit, please contact us.

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