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DVD set- available in English and Arabic

A set of seven dual-layer DVDs comprised of 12 lessons taught in 13 hours by Dr. Del Tackett, a renowned Christian worldview expert and professor.  The lessons are filled with Dr. Del Tackett’s inspiring teaching style and passion, interaction with the students in attendance, interviews with experts, professors, and scientists, and street interviews in different countries with people of various faith and cultural backgrounds.  You will learn to see the world through God’s eyes like never before!


Small Group Leader’s Guide- currently available in Arabic only

A guide for individuals who decide to share The Truth Project in a group setting with family, friends, or in church meetings.  Includes summaries of each lesson, along with guiding questions to assist group leaders in leading effective group discussions.


Promotional CD- available in English and Arabic

Once you’ve viewed The Truth Project, it’s hard not to share it with those you love!  This is a 6-minute promotional video taken right out of The Truth Project.  Available in quantities upon request.