by Julianna Lawson

Are you unsure of your child's strengths? Consider these ideas to discover his or her area(s) of expertise:


Observe your child during his free time. 
What kinds of activities grab his attention? Does he pick up a pencil to sketch? Perhaps she finds a favorite book and curls up on the couch. Does she enjoy recording the day's events in a diary? Does he volunteer to bake a batch of cookies for the family?


Observe how your child interacts with siblings and peers. 
Perhaps he is a leader who enjoys organizing a group of kids to get a game going. Maybe he encourages a child who is feeling left out. Is she the one to suggest putting on a show at a family gathering?


Visit with your child's teacher to find out which subjects hold his interest. 
When is he most likely to raise his hand in class or volunteer for a project? Which assignments have been thoroughly completed with special attention to detail?


Use these clues to match your child's interests with activities happening at school, church, or in your family. It may take a few tries to make a successful connection, but when it happens, you will know because your child will become more confident in his identity.

Originally appeared in the May/June 2010 issue of Thriving Family magazine. Copyright ©2010 Julianna Lawson. Used by permission.

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